All of Zena

Into the fantastic mind of Zena and english class.

About August 30, 2006

I love to play feild hockey. I made all-state was voted MVP for my team and was in regionals in high school. But, this school doesn’t have a team. That’s alright, I like doing other things too, like watching movies and listening to music with friends. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo, of course. Some of my favorite bands are The Starting Line and Cartel, oh and I love Justin Timberlake. I like all kinds of music, it just depends on what i feel like listening to. I’m from the Poughkeepsie area in New York, so I only have to drive an hour and half to get home. It’s nice to be close to home but far enough away to not be at home. Some random facts about me are I like the color purple and one of my favorite foods is tacos. But they have to be spicey or that’s lame. Oh, and my mother’s mashed potatoes are on my list too.


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