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Peep This November 28, 2007

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  So now that the Apex has been ripped off and thrown away, meaning the story is over, everything finished its full circle and has come to a rest.  This story has so much in it, that in the end had changed the narrator and how he looks at how things are named, and basically how he looks at life as well.  His toe was the most disturbing part of the novel, and the maid along with Muttonchops was probably the most humorous parts.  The ending of the story was probably the most disappointing.  Even though the process of getting to the end was intriguing.

         In an earlier post I compared this novel as a new age mystery, with its fragmented postmodern information, and seemingly pointless details that in the end add up and let loose the real meaning.  One conclusion is that nomenclature is not just a simple job that everyone should want to have, but it is the idea of where someone fits into society, it shows confliction.  Or, that an apex may cover up something damaged, but it does not make it physically go away, or cure anything.  Which in a way this story was an apex over the way the narrator saw and believed things ran, it was taken off in the end and he saw things in a new light, unlike his poor toe that had to get cut off.  The realization that even though the narrator mentioned early on that a name is power, but then  he settles with naming the town “Struggle” shows the narrators growth and realization.

            Even though the story ended with a dud name, the way you get all the information about how there was a conflict with field, and there is still a mystery as to why Goode decided to join Winthrop’s side in the vote, was what made me really enjoy the book despite the “struggle” to understand the reasoning of the flow and pace of the book. 🙂


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