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part II November 17, 2007

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  I liked the second part of the reading more so than the first because, now that I understand the drift of this novel, it was more intriguing to keep reading.  The second part is revealing some answers to the questions that orignated, and its kind of like this book is a mystery in itself, it starts off being mysterious and not understanding where it’s going to go next, and now its letting us in, showing us the problems, and why things are the way they are.  For example, the toe has been brought back up.  We know know a possible solution to why he is missing his shy, back of the room, B average student toe, because he stubs it and puts an Apex on it but he continually stubs it? So is this why he gets it amputated?  the second part gives possible solutions but no definitive end to what we are reading yet, which is like a mystery novel, and I enjoy mystery novels, so this is novel is like a postmodern spin-off on what old mystery stories are like.  This book isn’t about who killed who and how, or how something got where and why, the story itself is a mystery, like the town of Winthrope and like the unnamed narrator limps, and despite being a “namer” has no name himself. 


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