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Apex November 14, 2007

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   I actually like this book.  It has the slower pace, and even though it seems like in the first fifty pages you learn nothing, in class when we were talking about it all there’s a lot more that you do learn then you think.  The most different thing about this book is the humor, and the whole renaming a place.  I do feel as if the humor is out of the movie Fargo. It’s dry and you have to realy be paying attention to what you are reading to catch on to that one funny sentence amist a paragraph of horrifying realizations, like the housewife that cuts herself paragraph, but her husband definitly went to a liberal arts college.  A lot of the things that I feel are funny aren’t right away and they continue to make me feel like the book is not funny at all until class time where we point all the little humorous comments and then it dawns on me that oh yeah thats funny.  I guess this would put this novel into the postmodern genre.  The unpredictability and straying from the general rules of what makes something funny is what happens in Apex Hides the Hurt.

   Also I kind of get why some of the citizens of Winthrop want to change the name, but then again I don’t.  Don’t some places really pride themselves on being a place for over so and so number of years?  Wouldn’t that only be possibly if they kept the same name?  Doesn’t every place want to keep the same name so they can be considered a historical landsite which in turn can help them earn more tourists and help raise up their town’s revenue?  Also, barbed wire…who would want that? Oh Apex…


One Response to “Apex”

  1. Aprille Says:

    I never thought of the pride part of the name of the town before. I like that you brought that up. If they change the name of the town, it’s not changing the actual town itself, but to the outsiders it will change. This was probably already effected when they changed the name from Freedom in the first place. If it had stayed Freedom then who knows what type of tourist situation they would have.

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