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Paper Topic November 9, 2007

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  As said in class I wanted to do my paper on something that had to do with masculinity which was a theme that was brought up in almost all of the texts we read.  The way masculinity changed and had different meetings in every text is what sparked and kept my interest.  So then, my topic is really, what is postmodern masculinity?

  I decided to narrow down the text reference to the film Fight Club, in it masculinity is changing, has several different definitions, along with various reasoning for what is and why certain things were made masculine or not.  Doing the film instead of the book I thought would be better, because when talking about masculinity it is easier to find that characteristics to me, when watching images rather then reading a text where the images are left up to our own imagination which can tend to make things more masculine when they shouldn’t be just based on how we interpret the words in the passages.

    For the paper I want to start off with describing some vividly masculine scenes in Fight Club, maybe two or three.  Then go into further detail with why these scenes are masculine, their importance, and what masculinity means in that reference.  Then to bring it back to what’s going on today I want to first bring up what others are saying about the masculinity in Fight Club, and about what postmodernism is to them, and then to bring it even further back to base, use some current images that show and over use of masculinity.  One example of this would be a magazine ad for Tag Body Spray.  I will go into further explanation of the masculinity visible in the ad and then talk about what others have said about masculinity in today’s advertising and photographs.  I feel by doing these four general goals, I can talk about what postmodern masculinity is, demonstrate it with the film Fight Club, and then talk about what masculinity is today, and use some ads and photographs to demonstrate it.

    The only problem I having with writing this paper is that it is difficult to find sources that are specific enough to pertain to my topic and other goals.  I have found one journal that talks about the impact of visuals over reading, and a couple scholarly websites that talk about masculinity in Fight Club the movie.  I can’t really find any one who talks about what generally postmodern masculinity is, or about anyone mentioning what masculinity is today.  Most sources I do find are about politics and I can not find that information useful for this paper so if anyone has gotten any sources I could use that would be greatly appreciated. 😀

Here are the sources I did find: ~Talks about the masculine scenes in Fight Club, novel and film.;jsessionid=H0QKJrprQCDShTtMXWCvSprVXJ5RJ4FL4rCnCX4qTj9JqpBJQsLw!-1280909210?docId=5006370732 ~ Talks about the masculinity in Fight Club and relates it to the world we live in and how the film is just showing us the society we have become. ~Talks about the crisis of masculinity and how Fight Club is alienated men using updated pranks to demonstrate this crisis. ~ Talks about masculinity using Fight Club and other movie references. ~ Says violence is the reclamation of masculinity in the postmodern moment.    ~This is a book review on Martin Jay’s novel: Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in the Twentieth Century French Thought.   ~ This is an Axe Body Spray ad that I will probably include in my paper.


6 Responses to “Paper Topic”

  1. tllabello Says:

    Its good that you have found sources on your topic and masculinity is a big theme in Fight club.

  2. film dude Says:

    this move makes me wonder, what is true masculinity? does it have much to do with physicality? is it spiritual, mental, or what?

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