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Third chunck of Galatea October 30, 2007

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  First off I really liked Donna Haraway and her theory.  She is really different and talked about things I never would have thought about with technology and humans.  Also, how power is thought of both physically and theoretically.  The way she relates to Galatea really interested me as well.  It was well explained that one of the boundries is that technology is a man’s way of thinking which links to Galatea because what is the purpose of Helen?  Lentz wanted to make this machine to help him figure out how the brain works in reference to his wife.  What was really fascinating is the relationship between Helen and Lentz’s wife.

   They work inversily towards each other.  Audrey has the data base but there is no meaning left.  Meanwhile Powers is trying to expand Helen by giving her more data, and from there get her to get meaning.  Another relation is that Audrey at one point was a capable human being of being independant and providing for herself and Lentz was her lover, but since her stroke Lentz is now like a father figure, trying to get her to remember paths such as a spoon to the bowl and then spoon to the mouth.  Helen is the opposite with Powers.  At first he was a father figure to her, spoon feeding Helen information.  Now it seems as if Powers has surpassed that emotional stage and is kind of falling in love with her instead.  The role reversal is opposite that of Audrey and Lentz.  This can also bring it back to Donna Haraway where it shows the seperation of humans and machines.  You can’t have a machine feed an insulate, a human with feelings and emotions would be the only appropriate thing to perform such a task. 

   On an ending note, since Power’s only writes when he has love pushing him, or else there is no meaning, does this justify that this book is about Helen and his new love for her, or is this supposed to show that as a human Power’s himself has expanded and can write now with out being in a romance?


2 Responses to “Third chunck of Galatea”

  1. lakersgirl Says:

    Many people seemed to blog about Audrey and Lentz, but different aspects within the topics came up and I find that really interesting… It almost makes me think we all might have gotten something out of the novel! *gasp* I hadn’t thought of the relationship between Audrey and Lentz and that of Helen and Powers being reversals of each other, but that’s a really great point! Audrey seems to be deteriorating as Helen pushes further forward with Powers’ teachings and it’s unsettling to think that a machine has the potential to have more knowledge than a human.

  2. Marina Says:

    I’m going back a bit here for this darn book because I dread commenting for it, but now the time has come. I like the connection you made with Audrey and Helen. I remember writing in my blog about Helen also because she really interested me. What interesting me most which I think goes along with the connection your making with Audrey was the fact that Powers and Lentz felt so strongly for Helen just as if she were human. I remember Powers saying at one point that he hated her. To have hatred for a machine seemed kind of odd to me because its just a machine, but it all fit so well with the ending when Powers finds out the joke was all on him because he believed so much in Helen.

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