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part 2 of 2.2 October 23, 2007

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          When I first started reading the book, I got a false sense of actually liking it.  This should have been a sign from the beginning because all of the other books we have read I hated at first and then started to like it.  Since I liked this book at first it should have been a clear obvious sign that I am not going to like it.  This is going to be one of my worst posts because I do not like this book at all.  The only thing keeping me going is just me trying to get to the conclusion of the relationship with C. and not the Imp C. either since Powers just loves to repeat uses for abbreviations so the reader really has no idea what is going on, which annoys me, how is the reader supposed to interpret and get a greater meaning out of this book if the readers need to take notes on what every letter of the alphabet stands for. 


2 Responses to “part 2 of 2.2”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I think that the relationship between Richard, the character, and C is the main reason people are reading this book. The letters though to show a lot about the main character like C is like the IMP C and the town B relates to Holland with C and A related to IMP A.

  2. bastianm Says:


    I agree with Tammy in that most of the people in class agree with you about the book. I actually am not too interested in the relationship between the two- I just dislike the novel as a whole. That’s not totally true either. I think I’m ambiguous. It makes me mad that I don’t fully understand it and like yourself I do feel the need to vent. Don’t worry so much about your post- I write crappy ones all the time. Just make sure you throw out your general disclaimer and everyone will understand. If I don’t understand crap I usually go to our classmates’ blogs to cheat my way to an understanding. I guess it’s not cheating and I guess that would be an obvious route to a solution. Anyway – don’t worry take it easy and this novel will be over soon.

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