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Lee October 17, 2007

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                If I were to try and think of one thing that I could say about Lee and her projects is that she is a cameleon of many colors, especially for her being Asian which I feel is one of the more distinct ethnic characteristics.  She blends in so well with being hispanic and being a lesbian, that at first I did not realize that it was her, I did notice and asian was in every photo but I did not realize it was her and that it was the same asian in those photos.  That alone impresses me, but I really did like the projects, I like how all the photos seem ordinary, but they have extraordinary meanings hidden in them.  Hannah did mention in class today how maybe Lee is a sociopath because she can just create different lives in all of these photos.  Which to me really could be true, because how does a person, just walk into someone’s home and pose “kinda” and then call it the Ohio Project, it is weird.

                When comparing Lee to Sherman there are more differences then similarities.  I feel like Sherman’s photos did feel more structured, and while also having hidden meanings, I feel as if Sherman herself was not as chameleon like, she had to use posthesis to create a different image of herself.   Also I don’t know if this is a common thought, but I think Sherman’s work is more gender based then what Lee is trying to show with her photos, I feel Lee is more into showing different ethnicities and sexual preferences, and Sherman is trying to show more with using gender, feminity and masculinty.

              One thing I still do not get though is that in Lee’s pictures, is she the object or the subject.  I mean we as the gazers are usually looking at her, but for example when she is the tourist she is the one looking at different famous statues or landmarks.  So is this another exaomple of how the subject and object can change unnoticed and it is so versatile or is this a general explaination of what is what and who is who? 


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