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2.2 October 17, 2007

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               Before reading the book something popped out at me, does the front cover look strangely familiar to anyone else? Yeah so now when I pick up the book all I see is Sherman holding up a prothestic breast.  But, really, I started reading the story and at first I thought I was doing pretty well at following where Powers was going with his life, but then I don’t know if I was tired, but I just felt like there was so much superflous things being included in that first 48 pages.  I did get kind of lost near page 20 but I regained focus around 25 and by the end of the 48 pages I was really interested in this magical mystery machine that is going to be produced.  And, I know we have seen it before but why can’t powers just say the names of these places and people, or give them a fake one so I dont have to keep thinking back to what U. stood for theoretically, or C. I don’t know about anyone else but I felt this was more frustrating then when reading Funhouse.  I do see that this is a post-modern trend with it trying to leave things out so it seems like this story isn’t fictional, but really I rather just have a fake name then.  Also, why is it that Powers comes home and decides to work in a science center.  I know that the two do have similarities but why would the science center be his first choice of work, while finishing up writing his books to spend his time in?


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  1. hannahzel Says:

    i dont know if this is super obvious to anyone else but i had an idea about the cover too! the one side looks like a very traditional painting probably by michelangelo or something and then there is a digitized version on the other side. so this is may be a metaphor for the “classics” that they are going to let the neural net read and then it will “digitize” them as well!! spooky…

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