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Untitled…how ironic… October 9, 2007

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I feel that Untitled 255 and 257 were the most disturbing stills out of all of them.  Sherman has this way of seeming like she only wants to portray cliches which of course some criticize as her not being an original which I understand, but I do not feel like these two stills are more or less cliches but statements.  The both of them have an effect of uneasiness on the looker and like Hannah mentioned in class it is all about the women being looked or gazed at in a certain way.  I feel like almost every shot of Sherman’s makes me feel uneasy for ways I can not pinpoint, hello Lyotard.  But, besides that these 2 stills are beyond an uneasiness and more or less horrific because they are showing a realistic way of seeing women, that people view them as today.

255 is a mannequin, which alone scares the be-jesus out of me, but she is in a sexual position and is disturbingly naked.  I feel this shows that point of view where a woman is an object, nothing more, nothing intimidating at all.  These sort of angers me a bit because I know people out there really do continue to view women as objects instead of equal human beings which may even be the stronger sex that I know some argue.  Which brings me to Untitled 257.  It seems there are mannequin parts in this still as well because if you look at the man’s shoulder blades you see joints that are not connected, but the women is on top with a more dominant perspective then 255.  I feel Sherman did a good job of trying to transition and show the way women have grown in society.  Also, the man’s face being a true showing of horror suggests that he is greatly intimidated by this women dripping on him and I also know as well that there are many men out there afraid of the feminine gender which also kind of angers me because both of these stills are showing the extremes on the opposite sides of the spectrum where one the women is an object with no say and the other showing the women as the gender that is so dominant that they are overly intimidating.  I at first was turned off of Sherman’s photos merely because they made me feel to uneasy about myself but what she is trying to demonstrate really caught me and might possibly be included in my research paper 🙂


One Response to “Untitled…how ironic…”

  1. Christine Says:

    “Untitled #255” is so interesting to me because I can’t decide exactly how to take it. It seems as if the woman’s gaze is directed towards the brush, but yet she has this wide-eyed looking expression that almost makes me think of fear. Why she’d be afraid looking at a brush or what Sherman is trying to say if that is the case, is beyond me. The brush really stands out to me in this picture, as it did in the black and white pin-up style picture we viewed. I can’t decide what the brush represents or why it is so prominent in Sherman’s photos.

    “Untitled #257” intrigues me because I feel like there are a few ways to interpret it. The male is on the bottom and his expression is a bit of fear, but I also take it more as disgusted “get-away-from-me” rage. This leads me to believe this photo may be a commentary on men’s desire to never be under the control of women.

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