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Masculinity October 2, 2007

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  I was in the masculine group and despite how obvious this theme is in the book it is really hard to pin point and define it.  We came up with many different points that we could actually reference to in the book that shows the way masculinity is shown but the hard part was picking just two and narrowing it down.  The definition came to be something of many different points.  That masculinity in this book is not a state a male more or less is but something that they are trying to show and prove throughout.  Like Bob and his bitch tits for example.  Despite that he is a male he still has that feminine characteristic about himself, his boobs and he has no testicles.  So, he joins a fight club and burns down buildings and fights other males, even though he wears a shirt and no one else does.  Its like masculinity is something that males need to show because they are the gender that needs to keep their emotions in unless they are in their secret underground group or in a support with other males that are dealing with the same thing.

  One link we made was to Winterson’s Written on a Body.  That book was all about keeping the narrator ambiguous so as to show that both genders can do certain things.  Fight club is like the opposite in where it makes the male gender more want-able, they are macho, they do the dirty jobs lower class men do.  The only real women character in the book is Marla, and she is disgusting and outspoken and no women in their right mind would want to be that.  It makes being a female something no one wants to be with the use of Marla.  Which in this case can link outside to Lost in the Fun-house because Marla is the opposite of Magda, but still not a character any woman would want to be.  Magda barely talks, and is idolized in Ambrose’s eyes, but who wants to just be a wall flower and have no say what-so ever.  It’s as if these two females are on opposite ends of the spectrum and both play up wanting to rather be a male character. Weird.


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