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Clubbing up to 6 September 27, 2007

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  I thought maybe I could lighten up a bit and provide some my humorouse way of linking Lyotard to all of this since I am an expert on him even though I still don’t understand him and this is kind of a reach but here it goes anyway.  Trying to understand every layer of this story is kinda of making my brain leak out of my ear which surprisingly is a sublime kind of feeling which really makes me feel nostalgia to the good old days where we could read DR. Suess and know what the good doctor was saying simply and there were no mysterious allusions to figure out. 😀 well I thought it was funny. well anyway…

  I feel everything in this book can link to what we were discussing early in the class with the idea of getting rid of the old to have new.  Also I feel like this has a link to Tyler’s odd-ball jobs and project mayhem.  It’s like yeah the project is taking down a museum or a credit card company building, but in a way even though it is a reckless thing to do, how much damage is it really doing.  It is taking out something old to make room for something new even though if you think about it, it is contradictory to call it new.  Like history, taking out the museum so you can make NEW history, that really doesn’t exist.  So I guess I still don’t fully understand the intentions of the project. But so far so good, I’m liking it.


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