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um… September 25, 2007

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 I almost got what we were saying today.  Well, actually I would think I would know what was going on, and then someone would ask a question and I would loose everything.  I felt like today was one of the hardest concepts we have had to encounter yet.  Granted they had many more pages to work off of then what me and Tammy had.  But I feel like Lyotard had more confidence in knowing what he was trying to say than Jameson.  But still, they did do a good job of summing all 50 some odd pages up in like 3 minutes.  By, the end of class I think I got maybe 70 percent of what Jameson was trying to get across I just don’t get why he would about all not like postmodernism and then decide maybe he’ll change his mind in the end.  Maybe that was what confused me the most, and maybe thats all wrong and I’m still confused. Yay for fightclub!


2 Responses to “um…”

  1. hannahzel Says:

    class was hard to follow today! i zoned out a few times just to save braincells. i think jameson may have changed his mind in the end because he know in order to fix this “problem” of postmodernism we were going to have to work forward, not go backwards. so he presented some ideas that could help us rework postmodernism to be – tadah! back to modernism. also, the people who were finding the biggest problems in jameson were the pro-postmodernists, because they could see the article in a different way that i can, or anyone else who likes a little order in their world 🙂

  2. tllabello Says:

    I agree that Jameson is hard to grasp because in a way it feels that he does not like postmodernism because he wants a revolution or something. But some idea of Jameson like the self and capitalism relates to Fight Club so thats a plus.

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