All of Zena

Into the fantastic mind of Zena and english class.

Written… September 6, 2007

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   At first the writing style of the book confused me.  I wasn’t sure who “you” was, if the narrator was male of female, or where the story was going.  But, by page 11 I got the jist, which made me re-read the first couple of pages.  There are a couple of sentences within the first chunk of the story which really caught my mind.  When he first mentions the girl that kisses him to make a sort of sense of her illogical-ness actually made me laugh.  As a girl, this may be gender based, but I know I have definitly done this exact move when I know I was just being a goof and make no sense at all.  But the other quote mentions how we as the reader are even supposed to be able to trust him as the narrator, which I don’t.  In only a short amount of pages I got that some of the characteristics of this “fellow” aren’t very trustworth.  He always mentions all these girlfriends that he has had, which almost all have already been married, and how these girls cheat on their husbands with him.  Not once does he mention if he himself has ever cheated because it is a common trait for one wh is ok with another cheating to be with them is also okay with being the cheatee.  Another characteristic of the narrator indirectly shown is that he walks away from situations, he never seems to have closure, or discuss a matter towards a conclusion.  How do we as the reader know he isn’t doing the same in him telling the story, leaving out what he wants, picking up a new topic when he wants, or is never fully finishing one thing before another.  I like the story so far, it seems a little emotion driven, but that I think is the only thing pulling me in, just wanting to know how it ends really.


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