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#3 September 6, 2007

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 Acccording to The Postmodern, “Sexual difference is not simply a physical difference that ‘clothes’ the a-sexual ‘I think’ in a physical body.  Rather, because of its cultural history and production, it is much more problematic than the idea of a straightfoward binary distinction between male and female would suggest.” (Malpas 71) Now does this possibly play into Winterson’s play on the gender of the narrator? Sarcasm of course, her saying what Sam is, is of course not straightfoward, which as frustrating as it is as the reader, really is playing into the postmodernist characteristics.  But, off that thoroughly beaten path, this story is almost predictable and the whole dream/reality, and trust issues are becoming more evident.  Sam talks about having a nipple pierced and chained BOYfriend? Real, or dream?  Seemed as if it was supposed to be real but how?  I guess Winterson is just trying to make figuring out what Sam is even more ambivilant because now we don’t even know if Sam is gay or straight, or bi-, more postmodern unpredictabilty.

  Dreams and Sam actually talking about whether something is real is happening even more in the book.  By, the end of the section the trust issue seems the most prominant.  Why wouldn’t Louise tell Sam about her cancer?  Is it really bad as Elgin says or is it not an issue like Louise is saying?  Or is she just trying to deny the severity so she can distance herself husband and not need to rely on him anylonger.  Did she go back to Elgin when Sam left?  Did Sam really leave? I don’t know what to believe or question.  Maybe all of this is straightfoward which would throw the reader off which would be a postmodern objective as a writer and Louise has cancer as Elgin has says and Louise just really doesn’t know about the severity and Sam actually did leave so that Louise would go back to her husband even thought it seems like Sam is going to die without Louise by his side.  But, I guess I have to keep on trucking and try to get through this book. 🙂


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