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Blog #1 :) August 29, 2007

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  I think I would consider myself more as a modernist than a postmodernist, even though some details about postmodernism also fall into my being.  I don’t usually characterize myslef as alien or secluded, even though my heritage is Lebanese, people can not usually tell that I am Arab just from looking at me, and even so, Lebanon has not been considered a terrorist country towards the U.S. even though it has been terrorized itself.  I do not usually feel despair or displacement individually nor as a group so I do not seek to create an event of chaos to eventually bring about a unity or order.  I do tend to question a lot of, things, for lack of a better word; and I do not always make these questions audible.  Methods, reasons, history, the way all of these things are, work, came to be, are what I question most.  This does tie me into the postmodernist catergory, but I usally do not act upon the questions and try and make others aware and create the whole chaotic event that will bring order and understanding to the original questions, as Malpas says,  “Modern fiction asks about how a world can be interpreted or changed, and is interested in questions of truth and knowledge…” (24), which obvisouly differs from postmodernism is which it wants to bring about that change abruptly.  I, more or less, and like the quote, I question but do not try to figure it all out and create dismay worldwide.  So, maybe I’m more of the gray area between post, and modernism, since they do have some simualarities since one came from the other.  Or, one can simply consider me a modernist, which ever is fine.